Gerald Vinduska

DDS - Dental Director

Dr. Gerald Vinduska attended Wichita State University for his undergraduate work, and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Univerisity of Nebraska- College of Dentistry in 1997. After graduation, he practiced rural family dentistry solo in Marion for 19 years ,taking over his father’s dental practice (Dr. Eugene Vinduska) in 1999. Dr. Jerry greatly appreciates the opportunity to provide dental disease treatment to his patients at such affordable fees.

“Eating is one of life’s most enjoyable things. Unfortunately, every human being is vulnerable to the insidious bacterial diseases of tooth decay and adult gum disease, which often leads to total tooth loss and the accompanying loss of critical facial bony features. Neglecting teeth by not brushing thoroughly and flossing every day leads to the painful and expensive realization of the seriousness of tooth decay and gum disease. Visit a good dentist at least once a year to avoid painful and expensive loss of molars, premolars, canines and incisors.”