Patient Portal

Your Health Records All in One Place

The Patient Portal is convenient with access available 24/7 from any device.

  • Lab Results
  • Visit History
  • Discharge Information
  • Health Summary
  • Allergies & Conditions
  • Immunizations
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Historical Charges and Statements
  • Medications

Patient Portal Q&A

Is the portal secure?

Yes, the Portal password is encrypted and URL’s are rewritten. It is also equipped with a timeout feature.

Can my family have access to my Patient Portal?

Yes, if you would like to give a family member access to your Patient Portal, you may do so at Health Ministries Clinic.

Where does my Patient Portal Information come from?

All of the information in your Patient Portal comes from the Health Ministries Clinic Electronic Health Record.

Can I access the Patient Portal on a Tablet or Smartphone?

Yes, there is the Healow App that can be downloaded from Android and Apple products.
Android App

iPhone/iPad App