Sarah Andrews

Sarah was born in North Carolina and moved to Kansas with her family in 1999. She attended Wichita State University for dental hygiene school and graduated in 2019. The thing that she enjoys most about working as a hygienist are her patients. She truly enjoys getting to know her patients and making them feel cared for.

“I truly enjoy my career as a dental hygienist, and I am honored to work closely with so many others that share the same values as I do. I am grateful to work for a company that cares so much for their patients.”

Katelyn Freund

Katelyn is a 2016 graduate from Wichita State University where she recieved a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene.  She received her ECP II certifications when she joined the Health Ministries Dental Clinic team in August 2019.

Earning her ECP II certification allows Katelyn to see patients in nursing homes and schools. Katelyn spends most of her time at HMC as part of their outreach program and is occasionally at the dental clinic when needed.

“My goal for HMC is to create an integrated care system between dental and medical as well as grow the school outreach programs. My passion is working with children and watching them learn. I believe by providing oral health education to children, and their families, we are positively impacting their life long oral health and overall health.”

Jared Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman is a graduate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). After graduation, he began practicing in public health, most recently at the Northeast Missouri Health Council in Kirksville, Missouri. Dr. Zimmerman is a General Dentist and is committed to making quality, comprehensive oral health accessible to everyone in the community.

“I’m excited to join the HMC family because of their commitment to the community and their employees. In collaboration with the patient I work to improve their oral health, to beautify their smile, and to relieve and prevent future pain, while creating a comfortable, and enjoyable experience. Helping a nervous patient overcome their dental fear is the best!”

Gerald Vinduska

Dr. Gerald Vinduska attended Wichita State University for his undergraduate work, and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Univerisity of Nebraska- College of Dentistry in 1997. After graduation, he practiced rural family dentistry solo in Marion for 19 years ,taking over his father’s dental practice (Dr. Eugene Vinduska) in 1999. Dr. Jerry greatly appreciates the opportunity to provide dental disease treatment to his patients at such affordable fees.

“Eating is one of life’s most enjoyable things. Unfortunately, every human being is vulnerable to the insidious bacterial diseases of tooth decay and adult gum disease, which often leads to total tooth loss and the accompanying loss of critical facial bony features. Neglecting teeth by not brushing thoroughly and flossing every day leads to the painful and expensive realization of the seriousness of tooth decay and gum disease. Visit a good dentist at least once a year to avoid painful and expensive loss of molars, premolars, canines and incisors.”

Jenifer Ellis

Jenifer worked in private practice as a registered dental hygienist for several years before transitioning to community health nearly four years ago. She graduated from Colby Community College/North Central Technical College in 2005.

Jenifer enjoys working for Health Ministries Clinic because she feels it is a great service to the communities the clinic serves that are able to receive dental care. In addition to her work in the clinic Jenifer also serves as coordinator for the school based dental screening program.

“I also enjoy the variety, being able to go to schools and teach children that might not otherwise have dental care.”