COVID19 Update

Since the state announced they were moving into Phase Two of their Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan we have been receiving more questions regarding vaccine availability locally.  I wanted to offer an update and share what we know today. 

To this point Health Ministries Clinic has not received any vaccines for phase 2.   KDHE (Kansas Department of Health & Environment) is currently directing the weekly allotments to the local Health Departments.  Everyone wishes that these weekly allotments were higher as they are quite limited.  Unfortunately, at this point we have very little ability at the local level to influence these allotment numbers being directed by KDHE. 

Harvey County has established a Community Call Center to take appointments and to get your name on a wait list for the vaccines that become available.  At this time vaccines are being prioritized for individuals 65 and older.  This Community Call Center is operating Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 for the immediate future.  The number for the Community Call Center is 316-836-4990.  This call center is currently the only route to getting your name on the waiting list for the vaccine. 

Understandably the call center is experiencing very high volumes.  This is simply the reality given the high demand.  While difficult, I would encourage you to try and remain patient and continue calling the call center number.  For clarity we are not managing a sign-up process at Health Ministries Clinic so please don’t call the clinic directly. Again, the only sign up is being managed by the Community Call Center. That number is 316-836-4990. 

As we receive any new information, we will work to ensure that this gets communicated to our patients and the community.   Thank you. 

Matthew Schmidt, CEO